Taste of the Crossroads: Venezuelan Arepas

The Takoma Langley Crossroads is regional hub for delicious ethnic foods, restaurants, and specialty ingredients.  How lucky are we that these food options are right in our own backyard. This is the first of a series of recipe profiles that will highlight unique cultural dishes and where you can find all the ingredients you need in the Crossroads, right down to the exact supermarket aisle.  Never fear, we will highlight pre-made options and local restaurants serving the dish too!  We hope you will join us on this tasty journey.

We are going to touch on Venezuelan culture. Venezuelans grow up with a lot of foods that are corn or flour-based like pancakes and bread, which is served with almost everything. The Arepa, is a fried or baked corn pancake that can be filled with everything from eggs, chicken, cheese, etc. Venezuelans love to snack on them throughout the day. The recipe card provides simple step-by-step instructions, fun pictures, and where to find what you need in the Crossroads.  We are sure you’re going to love them!

Fun fact: The AREPA was first cooked hundreds of years ago by the indigenous tribes across the areas that are now Venezuela and Colombia. The AREPA has its name from the word EREPA, the indigenous word for corn.

*Harina P.A.N, pre-cooked corn flour used in today’s recipe, can be found at Megamart Supermarket located here in the Takoma/Langley Crossroads!