Taste of the Crossroads: Baleadas

Last month, the Takoma Langley Crossroads began our “Taste of the Crossroads” Eblast series, where we shared unique recipes straight from Maryland’s International Corrido.  Try your hand at making something new or simply try it out at a local Crossroad’s restaurant.  We tell you what you need and where to go, while you enjoy the yummy! Today, we are bringing Honduran cuisine onto your plate. We are focusing on baleadas today. If you speak any Spanish, you know balas mean bullets. Where does the name come from? It actually comes from an interesting metaphor. The baleada is like a gun: the beans are the bullet, the cheese is the gunpowder, and the tortilla is the cartridge. It’s very easy to make and it’s packed with a lot of flavors. You will hardly find a Honduran who doesn’t love a baleada.