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Azari Law, LLC is a civil and criminal litigation law firm that represents clients throughout the State of Maryland.  Our goal is to demystify the legal process and answer questions in a way that empowers our clients to join in an effective partnership designed to protect their legal rights and achieve their goals.  Whether we are providing legal advice, preparing a trademark application, or presenting persuasive legal arguments in civil or criminal litigation, our lawyers strive to provide exemplary legal services based on the highest ethical standards.

The philosophy of our Maryland law firm is to provide the sophisticated legal services of a large law firm delivered with the personal attention often associated with a smaller firm.  Our approach permits our attorneys to form a close working relationship with our clients while providing the detailed consideration and care they need to effectively navigate the legal process in civil or criminal court.  When you retain us, you can rest assured that your case will be handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. Every case we undertake becomes a personal challenge, and nothing is more satisfying to us than securing the best possible outcome for each case.

    Guevara & Portillo Servicios Legales

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    Abogados y notarios de El Salvador, es un Bufete de abogados que esta ubicada su oficina principal en el Estado de Maryland.  Con un servicio personalizado e integral para nuestros clientes, somos una empresa, con abogados y notarios Salvadorenos responsables y con ética al servicio de nuestros hermanos lejanos.  Nuestro Bufete le ofrece un servicio de calidad, amabilidad, responsiblidad, ligereza. Areas de Practica:  Familia, Notarial, Registral, Civil, Penal, Mercantil y Penitenciario en El Salvador.

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      Stein Sperling


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      The thing that drives Stein Sperling most is that we love what we do for our clients. We love being counted on to figure out solutions for them.  For us, client service is about listening, being attentive, empathizing and responding quickly to client needs. We understand how legal issues affect our clients, often in a very profound and personal way. We want to relate to their issues, stand in their shoes and ultimately communicate what’s important to them. That level of understanding helps us create solutions that are relevant and practical for our clients.