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Childcare & Education/Social Services

Crossroads Youth Opportunity Center/Identity

(240) 670-8122

7676 New Hampshire Avenue, #411 Takoma Park, MD 20912

Monday - Friday
9:00am - 6:00pm

Serving Latino youth and their families.  Each year, Identity assists more than 3,000 in-school and out-of-school youth and their families who live in high-poverty areas of Montgomery County and who are most at-risk for poor academic and economic life outcomes. We empower Latino youth to reach their highest potential and work towards a successful transition into adulthood. We envision a just and equitable society that nurtures all youth and is enriched by their contributions.  We operate three of the county’s high school Wellness Centers (at Wheaton High School, Watkins Mill High School, and Gaithersburg High School) which provide a broad array of programs and services focused on supporting the physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being of the students throughout their high-school years.

Identity also operates two Youth Opportunity Centers, in Gaithersburg and Takoma Park, which reach out to young people facing especially challenging situations.

Many have dropped out of school and do not have jobs. Lack of English-language skills may impede their job seeking success. Some have been involved with gangs. Some struggle with substance abuse or mental health issues. Many have experienced trauma.

The Youth Opportunity Centers represent a positive and stabilizing influence in their lives and a source of referrals to needed services.

CareRite Therapeutic Foster Care


7676 New Hampshire Avenue, 308, Takoma Park, MD 20912

8 a.m.-5 p.m.

CareRite TFC, Inc. is a private, non-profit agency incorporated in the State of Maryland to provide Treatment Foster Care services to children and their families in the state of Maryland. CareRite TFC, Inc serves boys and girls from age 0 to 21. CareRite TFC Agency recruits, trains and licenses foster homes in the community for the sole purpose of placing the children in loving and nurturing homes. The number of children served by the agency is only be limited by the availability of licensed foster homes in the community.

We provide both an Independent Living Program and Therapeutic Forster Care. Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) serves children and adolescents from birth to age 21 who have developmental disabilities or emotional and behavioral challenges. It provides them with an individualized and structured plan of care and a supportive family environment.

The Independent Living Program that serves adolescents between 16 and 21 in the community. In this ILP model, we will use a 2-phased approach where individuals will first live with foster parents (also known as Host Homes) where they receive support and training to eventual transitioning into independent living situations in their community where they will share an apartment with another youth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children, youth and teen parents the experience of belonging to a family that gives them a sense of security which will allow them the freedom to develop to their fullest potential in life.

Why CareRite TFC, Inc.?

CareRite TFC is committed to finding safe nurturing therapeutic homes in the community where children and youth can grow and develop. As a trusted provider, we have a well-defined set of quality standards and experienced team of professionals that will create an exceptional level of support for our foster parents and the children we serve.

Our Host Home Model helps hundreds of children and adolescents gain stability, comfort and confidence by forming healthy relationships with responsible, caring adults.

Additionally, our Foster Parents receive many supports, including:

  • 24/7 support from our team of trained professionals
  • Emergency and scheduled respite care as a break or back-up care
  • Specialized pre-service training and continuing educational sessions
  • Assistance with coordinating medical and other professional resources needed by the child

Furthermore, CareRite TFC also provide:

  • Emergency stabilization and placements for children and youth
  • Transitional support as needed by the younger children
  • Skill development and educational opportunities
  • Permanency planning
  • Intensive case management

Our treatment and services includes:

  • 24-hour residential care and supervision by the licensed foster parents
  • Clinical assessment and individualized service plan to be completed by the assigned CareRite social worker in conjunction with the placement agency social worker, parents/guardian and others as applicable.
  • Individual, group and/or family therapy

Our History

CareRite TFC, Inc. was founded in 2008 as a private, non-profit agency incorporated in the State of Maryland to provide Treatment Foster Care services to children and their families in the state of Maryland. We are a leading home and community-based human services provider serving children, adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities, as well as emotional and behavioral challenges and their families.  CareRite TFC is licensed in Maryland by DHR.

The CareRite TFC Agency feels that a well supported, loving home in the community will provide each child with a thorough orientation, structured activities, and defined expectations. Each individualized service plan will be conducive for the child’s growth and the enhancement of his or her life in the community.

How It Works

CareRite TFC will carefully recruit, train and certify family homes in the community to provide services to children where each child can be taught skills for how to live and grow to their fullest potential. Our licensed homes will provide a nurturing and safe environment for boys and girls from age 0-21.

Behavioral Health

At CareRite TFC, Inc. your behavioral health is our focus. We’ve been dedicated to bringing behavioral health to the community and the community into health for more than a 5 years. Think of us as your dedicated partner with all the behavioral health resources you need to better manage your health and the health of your family.

The most comprehensive provider of behavioral and outpatient mental health services in the Washington Metropolitan Region.

CareRite TFC, Inc. is transforming lives by offering hope and opportunities for recovery, wellness, and independence.

CareRite TFC, Inc., Behavioral Health Services is a not-for-profit community-based healthcare agency providing Individual & Group Therapy, medication management, mental health assessment and case planning, older adult services, health education and prevention, and other related behavioral health services to the residents of Washington, DC Metropolitan region.

CareRite TFC, Inc. began providing child placement services to children & adolescents and their families in foster care. While realizing the enormity of behavioral health needs of adolescents and adults throughout Washington, DC region, we expanded our services to include behavioral health services covering the Prince George’s, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Charles, and Howard Counties in Maryland and District of Columbia.

At CareRite TFC, we strongly believe in partnering not only with our clients and their families, but also with other service organizations throughout the community in order to ensure that clients and their families have the greatest opportunity for long-term recovery from behavioral health challenges.

CareRite TFC Behavioral Services include, but not limited to:

  • Clients receive assessment and evaluation from board certified psychiatrists
  • Medication management services
  • Individual and group therapy from licensed therapists.

Youth Services include:

  • Services to adolescents ages 12 to 18.
  • Assessment and treatment planning
  • Alcohol and other drug education group
  • Individual and family counseling; and
  • Social/recreational activities.

Program activities are provided after school hours and on Saturdays.

Hospitals are dealing with a growing number of mental health patients

A new report reaffirmed longstanding concerns by Washington, DC area nurses, state legislators and mental health advocates about the burden that local hospitals face, boarding people who require proper behavioral health treatment while they wait for those services to become available, (By The Enterprise reports.)

As a result of the above statement, CareRite TFC, Behavioral Health Services partners with local area hospitals to provide this needed services to individuals with behavioral health challenges.

At CareRite TFC, Inc. Behavioral Health Services, our success is driven by outcome.

Has quality of life improved for individuals served by the CareRite TFC behavioral health services?

Have drug/alcohol use history

Adults Served: 52.0%

Child/Adolescents: 57.1%

Are not homeless

Adults Served: 96.8%

Child/Adolescents: 99.8%

Are employed

Adults Served: 35.8%

Child/Adolescents: 14.8%

Attend school

Adults Served: 11.7%

Child/Adolescents: 86.0%

Have no recent criminal justice system involvement

Adults Served: 93.7%

Child/Adolescents: 97.3%

Participate in self-help groups

Adults Served: 15.1%

Child/Adolescents: 4.8%

CareRite TFC., Behavioral Health Services (BHS) uses certain National Outcomes Measures (NOMs) domains as defined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to assess behavioral health recipients’ treatment outcomes. Information for the measures is pulled from the Client Information System (CIS), comparing each metric at intake to update/discharge.

The Domains for the agency Outcome shall include the following:

  • Substance Abstinence – the Behavioral Health Recipients (BHR) has a history of drug/alcohol use, and reports no use in the 30 days prior to the assessment.
  • Stable Housing – the BHR is not homeless, but is living independently, at home with family, or in therapeutic foster care or Group Home.
  • Employment – the BHR is employed full or part time with and without supports.
  • Education – the BHR is attending school or a vocational program.
  • Arrest-Free – the BHR reports no arrest in the 30 days prior to assessment.
  • Self-Help groups – the BHR participated in a self-help or recovery group within 30 days prior to the assessment.

Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)CareRite TFC, Inc. Behavioral Health Services (BHS) pre-authorizes and coordinates non-emergency mental health care for our clients. This includes care for children, teens, and adults. Clients does not need a referral from their primary care provider to obtain behavioral health care, but they may be required to obtain pre-authorization from BHS before meeting with a mental health professional at CareRite TFC.

Types of Care

CareRite TFC’s Behavioral Health Services provides the following types of behavioral health care in our facilities or through contracts with mental health or health care providers in the community:

  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Medication evaluation and management

Service are provided in an outpatient treatment setting (in our main office or in-home setting)

Our staff includes psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, psychotherapists, and nurses.

Care during Regular Business Hours:

To begin or continue behavioral health care, or for urgent or crisis care during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.):

  • First-time appointments: Call 1-800-823-2219 or 301-326-1357
  • Extensions & follow-up care: Contact our office at 1-800-823-2219 or 301-326-1357
  • Urgent or crisis care: Contact our office at 1-800-823-2219 or 301-326-1357


(301) 543-8040

1345 University Blvd E
Takoma Park, MD 20912


CentroNía is a nationally recognized, award-winning educational organization that provides affordable, high quality preschool, professional development and family support services in a bilingual, multicultural environment to more than 1500 children.