Takoma/Langley Crossroads Development Authority

The Takoma/Langley Crossroads Development Authority, Inc. is a 501(c)6 business association created by the City of Takoma Park in 1987 to market and promote, provide maintenance, amenities and security to the Takoma/Langley Commercial Management District. Every business and property owner in the District is a member of the Authority, and pays an annual license fee that constitutes the CDA’s budget.

Over the past thirty years, the CDA has actively promoted Takoma/Langley and its businesses, advocating for its needs with a focus on public safety and pedestrian safety, and working with City, State, and County officials to maintain and improve Takoma/Langley.

Our Story

The CDA was born at a time when the Takoma/Langley area was changing demographically, with numerous vacancies and crime. Originally envisioned to encompass all four corners of the intersection at University Blvd & New Hampshire Ave, the Takoma/Langley Management District outlined in the Ordinance included ONLY the Takoma Park half of the Takoma/Langley Crossroads in Montgomery County. The Langley Park side is in Prince George’s County.

Recent Accomplishments

The CDA has actively represented the needs and concerns of its members to elected officials and government agencies, while marketing the area through newspaper inserts, sponsorships, special events, donations, and media stories.

The CDA supported the establishment of CASA de Maryland’s Prince George’s Workers Center for day laborers to find work, learn ESOL, take classes and get training. The Center grew out of the Governor’s Commission on Crossroads Development.

Safer Roads & Sidewalks:  The CDA advocated for installation of a traffic signal at Holton Lane and New Hampshire Ave, which was installed, and sought grants and other pedestrian safety improvements in Takoma/Langley. In 2009, the Maryland State Highway Administration redesigned the University/New Hampshire intersection for safer pedestrian movement, spending $6-7 million on bomanite crosswalks, countdown signals, fenced medians, and a bilingual pedestrian safety campaign.

Zipcode 20912:  In 2002, the CDA persuaded the US Postal Service to change Takoma Langley’s zipcode from 20783 (Hyattsville) to 20912 (Takoma Park).

Safer Takoma/Langley:  The CDA served on numerous task forces including the Crossroads Task Force,  Bi-County Gang Task Force and Multijurisdictional Task Force for police cooperation.  It sponsored a police trailer substation in Hampshire-Langley Shopping Center for many years, and the state’s first multi-jurisdictional “Hotspot” program.

Planning & Zoning:  The CDA served on M-NCPPC’s East Silver Spring Master Plan Advisory Committee (2000), and Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan Advisory Committee (2010).  The latter plan was approved by the Montgomery County Council in 2012, which passed a sectional map amendment that formalized the new mixed-use CR (commercial/residential) zoning.

Crossroads Farmers Market:  The CDA has sponsored the farmers market since it opened in 2009.  The market pioneered the use of Fresh Checks, script that increase WIC and other food subsidies, increasing the ability of low-income shoppers to purchase fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables at the market.  The market operates every Wednesday from 11am-3pm, May-December, on Anne Street at University Boulevard (across from RiteAid).

Purple Line:  The CDA has supported the Maryland Transit Administration’s Purple Line light rail project from the beginning, and as it awaits federal approval. The Takoma/Langley Crossroads station will serve thousands of local residents who rely on public transit.  MTA has estimated that 74,000 passengers will use the Purple Line daily in 2025.